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Silver Chanter Competition at Dunvegan Castle no more


William Grant Foundation budget issues have ended the 51 year run of the presitigious Piobaireachd event on Skye.


Come see us at the Salado Scottish Clan Gathering & Highland Games

If you want to see the clans, watch some Highland athletics and hear some great music be sure to stop by the Salado Scottish Clan Gathering & Highland Games this weekend! Representatives from the Clan MacLeod Society, USA will be at the festival this weekend to meet our members and recruit new MacLeods. Be sure to stop by the tent to say hello and get your membership information.

Hope to see you this weekend. Hold Fast!

New MacLeod DNA branch!

Exciting news from the L165 and Clan MacLeod DNA projects, there is a new subclade to the MacLeod R1b-BY3210, and it has a famous member! The new Subclade is BY19718, and it has been found positive in a descendant of Donald MacLeod of Galtrigal “Faithful Palinurus”, the boatman who aided the rebel prince Charles Edward Stuart’s escape from the failed 1745 Jacobite Rebellion. For a rough Pop Culture reference to Prince Charlie’s escapades, see series Outlander

Some background on Donald MacLeod of Galtrigal

The SNP Pathway to the MacLeod Y-DNA block for those familiar with Y-DNA:

R1b-M269>…>P312/S116 > Z40481 > ZZ11 > DF27/S250 > Z195/S355 > Z198 > L165/S68 > FGC29987 > BY3224 > BY3253 > BY3210 (STR estimate dates 1230-1350AD most recent common ancestor (MRCA), not SNP dated yet)

MacLeod Subclade Branches:

–BY13703: Isle of Harris potential association (STR estimate date 1650AD MRCA, not SNP dated yet)

–BY19718: Donald MacLeod of Galtrigal “Palinurus”

New overview of L21 (Gael Y-DNA SNP)


Source: https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/r-l21/about/results

L21 researcher Mike Walsh has updated the “tip of the iceberg” for L21+ folks (a very common Scots and Irish Y-DNA haplogroup) in light of the results from the recent beaker people’s paper, source: http://biorxiv.org/content/early/2017/05/09/135962

David Vance of the L21 Project Discussion group on Yahoo has also made this comprehensive chart: L21tree