A contradiction in DNA dating… or back to the drawing board

Recent changes to methods of dating DNA Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) have moved timelines for common ancestors backwards as more data comes in… but particularly troubling is the almost 2000 year discrepancy between STR and SNP dates for the presumed-founder line Y-DNA subclade R-BY3210…. so we might be back to looking at the Iron Age rather than the medieval period for the common male-line ancestor of the clan founder. It is always possible that in this case SNP dating is less accurate than STR dating, but most everywhere else including my personal experience has shown the opposite.



MacLeod founder line Y-DNA structure updates

With more people Y-DNA NGS testing, we have an updated structure; 4 STR clusters still exist without NGS testers to assign an SNP to them however, and many of the SNPs remain undated which makes any age estimations reliant on the less accurate STR dating methods

BY3210 copy

Come see us at the Salado Scottish Clan Gathering & Highland Games

If you want to see the clans, watch some Highland athletics and hear some great music be sure to stop by theĀ Salado Scottish Clan Gathering & Highland Games this weekend! Representatives from the Clan MacLeod Society, USA will be at the festival this weekend to meet our members and recruit new MacLeods. Be sure to stop by the tent to say hello and get your membership information.

Hope to see you this weekend. Hold Fast!