MacLeods of Texas

texas-county-mapLike many other states, Texas has long been a land of immigrants. Many different groups have settled in Texas, each bringing their own unique cultures and traditions. Scots were amongst the many groups that settled in early Texas, and have helped shape Texas into the diverse state it is today.  Half of Texas counties are named for Scots or Ulster-Scots. Famous Texans like Sam Houston, Stephen Austin , Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, Jim Hogg, John Wesley Hardin, and the first governor of the state, James Pinckney Henderson, were Scots or Ulster-Scots. The town of Salado was founded by Scots in 1859. Even today the influence can be seen: 80 Scottish stonemasons finished the stonework on the State Capitol.

Click here to listen to an Oral History of Jack Cunningham, a former Scottish Society of San Antonio president, discussing the history of Scottish Texans.

Texas-State-CapitalWhile MacLeods were not among the “old 300” from 1824, here are some of the earliest known MacLeods in Texas:

Hugh McLeod (1814-1862) was Adjutant General of the Army of the Republic of Texas in 1837. Service against Caddo and Kickapoo in 1838, Cherokee in 1839, wounded at Battle of Nueces. Adjutant and Inspector General in 1840. Negotiator with the Comanche before the San Antonio Council House Fight of 1840. Brigadier General in 1841, captured during the Santa Fe expedition. Married Rebecca Johnson Lamar, cousin of Texas president Mirabeau B. Lamar. Represented Bexar Co in the House of Representatives 1842-1845. Appointed Adjutant general of Texas right before the Mexican War. During the Civil War, was elected Lt Col of 1st Texas Infantry Regt of Hood’s Brigade. Died of Pneumonia 2 Jan 1862, buried in the State cemetery at Austin

John D McLeod was in Harris Co TX in 1838 and 1839, Travis Co TX by 1846; Originally came to Texas with the New Orleans Greys, he served in the Seige of Bexar, was Secretary of the Senate 4th congress, worked at the General Land office in Austin and was Chief Justice of Bexar county.

Daniel McLeod was in Montgomery Co TX in 1840

Isabel McLeod married James Steele Hanks in 1836, immigrating to Anderson Co TX in 1844 where her father-in-law had been preaching since 1836

J. A. McLeod was in Sabine Co TX in 1846

H. Mc Leod was in Henderson Co TX in 1846

Angus McLeod married Elizabeth Brock in Harris Co 20 Feb 1859

Hugh McLeod was in Galveston in 1860

J.C. McLeod was in Seguin, Guadalupe Co TX in 1860

James McLeod in Ft Bend Co TX in 1860

Alexander McLoud in Miliam Co TX in 1860

Agnes Ann McLeod, a grand-daughter of Skye-born Capt Norman McLeod of the Light Infantry (and a Grandson of the 2nd of Talisker), related to the McLeods of Telfair Co GA, died 28 Oct 1889 in Williamson Co TX

James Franklin McLeod moved to Texas in the 1880s from Randolph Co AL (his family came from Pike Co GA before that), d 1905 in Van Zandt Co TX, his cousin John D died 17 Aug 1884 in Millican, Brazos Co TX

Several McLeods of Pike Co AL (Descendants of Angus McLeod, d 16 Dec 1780 in SC, born on Skye in 1740) moved to Texas around the turn of the 20th Century

The Bailey Co town of Virginia City was platted 13 Mar 1909 by Samuel D. McCloud and Matthew C. Vaughn. It was located 2mi SE of the intersection of FM 298 and FM 1731, but was abandoned by 1913, becoming a Ghost Town

The Cass county town of McLeod was named in the 1930s.

R.H. McLeod was elected the 1st commander for The Department of Texas, Veterans of Foreign Wars, 21 Apr 1921

If you have any Texas MacLeod ancestors you would like featured on this page, send a note to us at  For more MacLeod Genealogy, check the CMS USA Website or talk to our Clan Migration Director, Anne.

4 thoughts on “MacLeods of Texas

  1. My husband is a descendant of the above mentioned John D. McLeod. I have done extensive research on John D McLeod and can confirm that the two entries above are indeed the same man. John D Mcleod came to Texas with the New Orlean Greys, he served in the Seige of Bexar, was Secretary of the Senate 4th congress, worked at the General Land office in Austin and was Chief Justice of Bexar county.

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  2. Hello
    I am a MacLeod from the old country and just came across your website and thought I would send greetings from the other side of the pond – from Inverness in Scotland!! I regret I cannot be at your Games but hope that you all enjoy yourselves.
    I am a lawyer in Inverness and have been following the election of your President with interest; of course Donald Trump’s mother was a MacLeod from the Isle of Lewis.

    Kind |Regards to all

    Kenneth John Baillie Stewart MacLeod.
    (I appreciate that my name is a bit long but my mother’s younger brother was killed during the 14-18 war and his name was John Baillie Stewart so I inherited the name in mine!! )


    • Kenneth:
      Thank you so much for stopping by the site! The election certainly was interesting…hope it all works out for the best in the end. Will you be attending MacLeod Parliament at Dunvegan in 2018? If so, please be sure to introduce yourself. Have a great day,
      Hold Fast!


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