Help save the Salado Games!

CTAM-Header-CroppedAs some of you may know the¬†Central Texas Area Museum, host of the oldest Highland Games & clan gathering in Texas, the Salado Highland Games, is having financial trouble. According to their GoFundMe page they have “an immediate need for additional funds to extend Museum operations until the Scottish Gathering and Games, which will be held November 11-13, in Salado. Plans are underway to avoid future financial crisis, but we need your help to survive until we can enact those plans.” Without the support of the community and Highland games enthusiasts the museum, and games may not survive. If you are looking for a charity to donate to, please visit their GoFundMe page and consider donating today. Click HERE to donate.


A MacLeod for president?

James Monroe, the first Scottish-American President

James Monroe, the first Scottish-American President

As some of you may know, there is a MacLeod descendant currently running for President of the US. Donald Trump’s mother, Mary MacLeod, was born in Scotland and lived for some time on the Isle of Lewis. Opinions on the quality of his candidacy are widely divided, both in the US and in Scotland. With one island author asking “…What have we spawned?”

Regardless of the results of the upcoming election, there have already been a number of US Presidents who can trace their roots back to Scotland. Wikipedia lists 22 presidents with Scottish ancestry, including President Obama, President Clinton, and both Bush presidents.

What are your opinions on having a MacLeod as president? Are there any MacLeod’s you’d rather vote for? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Tartan Day!


MacLeod of Harris tartan

April 6th is National Tartan Day, in recognition of the anniversary of the Scottish Declaration of Arbroath, signed in 1320. It was declared a National Holiday by George W. Bush during his presidency in 2008 and is celebrated at locations around the country and at many cities in Texas. If you want to learn more about Tartan Day check out this blog entry about the Texas Tartan Day Stone by clicking here.

So, be sure to show your Scottish pride by wearing your tartan today!

Texas Blue Bonnet Tartan

Texas Blue Bonnet Tartan

Come see us at the San Antonio Games!

sagamesCome show us that you’re proud to be MacLeod at the San Antonio Highland Games this weekend!

Clan representatives will be at the games to recruit new members and accept membership renewals. Stop by the tent to say hello, or join us in the parade of clans on Saturday morning.

Hold Fast!