DNA test Discount!

FamilyTreeDNA, the host of the Associated Clan MacLeod Society DNA project is having a very good sale: https://www.familytreedna.com/

$59 for Autosomal, which can match you with 5th cousins or closer, and estimate your continental origins of your ancestry. If primarily European, they just launched a new tool that estimates your ancient origins from the 3 basal populations of Europe. The Autosomal product is called “FamilyFinder”, and is comparable to the ancestry.com AncestryDNA, except it does not require any monthly subscription.

$139 is the starting discount price for Y-DNA (for genetic males only), although most will want 67 or 111 markers which cost more ($229 or $319); a good value is the $278 combo of Autosomal and 67 marker Y-DNA

DNA is not yet turn-key, it still requires lots of time and contacting people to get the best results, but it is becoming indispensable when records are in short supply, or when researching pre-1500s… be sure to join your haplogroup project in addition to the ACMS project-while about 1/5 of MacLeods test L165 and have an excellent project for that group, quite a few are L21-if you end up in the R1b-DF21 subclade (some think is Dalriadan),email us and I can tell you who to work with.

Clan Donald has vastly overtaken the Clan MacLeod project in size and results- ours languishes with many near useless 12 marker results, and few tested for SNPs. Do your part to bring us back to relevancy, especially those with known pedigrees- that can give those who lack a traditional paper trail something to start with!

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