Coming soon…Scotch from Raasay

R&B Distillers has recently started converting the long empty Borodale House hotel into a new distillery on the Isle of Raasay. The Isle of Raasay came under the control of the Clan MacLeod in 1518, when it was transferred from Clan MacSween to the younger son of the 9th MacLeod Chief of Lewis. In 1843 the MacLeod lord was forced to sell the island to settle his debts and today the MacLeod Chiefs of Lewis and Raasay, descendants of the last MacLeod chief to own the island, are native Australians.

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The new distillery is scheduled to begin producing whisky in April of next year, which would mean it could be available for sale as early as April of 2020. For the full story click HERE. However, even without whisky, the next time you are on the Isle of Skye you should consider taking the short ferry ride over to Raasay. Raasay House, formerly a MacLeod residence is now open to the public with hotel accommodations, a cafe, and a number of outdoor activities and tours available. While on the island you can also visit the ruins of Brochel castle, the Raasay pictish stone, and “Calum’s Road.”

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