Based on the latest discoveries out at the R-L165 DNA project, it looks like we are closer to discovering a marker for direct male-line descent from Leod!

Right now what is known:

Y-DNA Haplogroup R1b, marked by the SNP marker M343, originates about 16,500BC (Paleolithic)

Marker M269 originates about 4500BC (Bronze Age, Yamnaya culture, located on the Pontic Steppe & Between Black and Caspian Seas

Middle Bronze Age large scale migration to Europe, Marker P312 originates about 3500BC (Bell Beaker Culture; Proto-Italo-Celto-Germanic)

Marker DF27/S250 (Ibero-Atlantic Celt Branch) >  Marker Z195/S355 > Marker Z198 > Marker L165/S68 originates probably 3000-2000BC>

L165 divides into a group that later becomes MacNeils of Barra, Lindseys and Buies of Jura, some MacDonalds, and at least one Norwegian (>BY129/130/131/132/133/134/135/Y5114/R-BY132) and another, FGC29987 /BY456 (origin not certain, but before 600AD) which later gives rise to Leod about 1229AD

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    • Have you got any of the Big-Y testers to use YFull interpretation? My DF21 group found FGC and YFull necessary, as FTDNAs calls were not always on the money. I did get BY12083 and FGC61663 added to the FTDNA haplotree, but not individually testable yet. We are thinking of getting YSEQ to develop a testing panel for Z16294 folks… once more MacLeod branches get identified it might be worth looking in to- YSEQ does single SNPs for $17.50, and panels can have 7 or more SNPs at a bit more of a discount…


  1. Tim McLeod has estimated 1120 AD for BY3210 and we’re still looking at BY13703 to see just how “big” a branch it may be; we’ve had 3 to date test negative for it using the newly available single SNP test – one representing Raasay and one Arnisdale and the other of unknown line. The three positives whose ancestors appear to be from the Isle of Harris but they have not connected their paper trail to each other as of yet.

    I took a break from the project in 2013 until recently while dealing with some personal issues and am just now catching myself up. I just spent a few weeks updating the project website and now am doing all the reading up I can on the new “tools” out there – we relied on YUtility a lot back in the early days since we were triangulating results to more clearly define the modal haplotypes…gone a long way from there in the years I was not paying close attention!

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  2. Meant to say that Tim handled the SNP side of things while I handled the STR’s back then and with the new emphasis being on the SNP side of things, I’m having to educate myself….Tim is also co-Admin of the ACMS project now for the same reason – his expertise on the deeper testing!

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